Zenith Infinite Realms adds new course layouts, fixes bugs, and makes sure its cash shop is working


Zenith Infinite Realms – the obstacle course-filled OARPG side piece that Ramen VR put out last month, not the virtual reality MMORPG that players backed in 2019 – has put out a mid-season update that’s focused on some new content for the game. At least in terms of some new course variations, anyway, which is technically new content.

The patch adds three new layouts for the Daily Pandowl Gate, with two new possible miniboss events that can pop up, and adds two new Adventure Gate Forest layouts. There’s also been some shifting of game modes, with boss rush being moved behind the silver gate and adventure run now accessible from the iron gate, while new leaderboards have been added and existing leaderboards have new rewards.

The patch has otherwise focused on the F2P title’s cash shop, with two new premium outfits added and the opening of the cash shop to the Steam version, along with a long list of bug fixes that address projectile behavior, move speed modifiers, ice spear damage, and certain reward chest spawns. The details are all in the patch notes, though you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the latest.

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