Zenith OARPG Infinite Realms launches today as Steam reviews plummet over MMO development halt


There wasn’t much lead-up to this – indeed, the world has known it was happening for less than a month – but Zenith’s new spinoff game, Infinite Realms, is officially launching today. Well, it’s launching on Meta and Steam today, anyway. We still don’t know when it’ll come to PlayStation. Studio RamenVR calls it a “season-based free to play action-adventure RPG,” tucked into the world of (and launcher for) Zenith itself, which has been renamed Zenith The Last City, both under the Zenith Nexus branding (confused yet?).

This standalone, F2P version is a bit of a F2P cookie bite meant to entice players into buying the original MMO; it includes parkour, light multiplayer, the central city hub, daily and weekend content rotations, and revamped character abilities.

Original-flavor Zenith is a VR MMORPG Kickstarted in 2019 for $280K and launched in 2022. The Kickstarter did promise a standalone, non-VR PC client; RamenVR has never produced it, though two years ago it said it was accelerating its efforts on it (in conjunction with a $35M investment haul – investors put in at least $45M into this studio that we know of).

The Zenith community is understandably upset: Zenith (the VR version) on Steam has sunk into the “mostly negative” review bin already, owing specifically to the spinoff and halt to MMO development, while Reddit has mostly been lamenting the lack of players and spotty development since launch.

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