Embers Adrift revamps defense and fixes hair in latest patch, discusses upcoming tank aggro tweaks


Unless you’re making an intentionally horrible creation to troll others, nobody likes to see their MMORPG characters rocking a terrible hairstyle. Luckily players of Embers Adrift are seeing improvements to their coiffures in this week’s patch, which has fixed a transparency issue to give hair a more solid look and adjusted lighter-colored hair so it doesn’t look weird in certain lighting conditions.

In terms of content, the big ticket feature of the patch is a revamp to the game’s active defense system: Parry now has a fixed damage mitigation, makes the attack suffers a disadvantage, and allows the player an opportunity to counter-attack with a riposte; block mitigates incoming damage based on a dice roll from your equipped 2H weapon or shield; and avoiding an attack works the way it always has but provides a full mitigation of damage, with a threat reduction component planned later. The patch also has several bug fixes for fans to pore over.

Speaking of threat, the lower half of the post takes a close look at changes planned to address player complaints with how defenders hold aggro. The post goes out of its way to explain that holding threat is meant to feel like “something [players] have to continually work to maintain so that [their] role remains interesting and challenging” and also note how strikers should be using their own threat lowering tools, but it also admits to a need for adjustments. Current plans include adding threat generation to shields and creating a “dynamic threat” component for Provoke and Fading Strike skills.

source: official forums, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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