Star Trek Online has a new executive producer, players have a new hairdo


You might have missed it in the excitement of yesterday’s Refractions release, but Star Trek Online apparently has a new executive producer: Jarrod Fisher. The previous executive producer was Andre Emerson, but it looks like he moved up the Cryptic chain to VP of Development last fall.

Cryptic highlighted the changeover in a Tweet and stream last night; Fisher apparently has been at Cryptic for 14 years, starting out as a Champions Online tester, moving to Star Trek Online and then Atari before returning to Cryptic and swapping from QA to production almost a decade ago. According to his comments on the stream, his goal as boss is development and launch consistency without crunching the devs.

Fisher touched on several other granular topics (as kindly chronicled by TheSajuukKhar on Reddit), noting that the team is already working on the next release, that multi-season arcs will continue, and that a return of the deleted Klingon War missions may someday happen. He also dispelled the notion that there’s a feud between Cryptic and William Shatner and didn’t rule out his future appearance, though it doesn’t sound like there’s anything in the works.

Finally, we must report that right now the biggest thing on the Star Trek Online Reddit is that Dr Crusher’s spectacular wavy ’80s/’90s hairdo is now available for lady toons to use in-game. As it should be, my friends. As it should be.

PSA: The Crusher (Long Curls) are available for female toons from sto

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