Besieged by bitcoin bots, BitCraft reiterates that it’s not a crypto or NFT MMO


We’ve been shaking our head ruefully at BitCraft’s name for several years now, as it seemed clear to us that the name could be taken in multiple wrong ways, causing fans to think the game was some sort of Minecraft clone – or worse, a bitcoin scheme. It’s neither, of course, but the company has been forced to clarify it all over again.

Apparently, after Clockwork Labs released its alpha plans and trailer last week, its Twitter account was barraged with crypto-related spam, to the point that devs had to post a second thread making abundantly clear that it’s not a crypto game.

“There is no crypto, no web3, no blockchain, no NFTs, no drops, etc. in BitCraft Online.” Clockwork tweeted with what we can only imagine is exhausted dad energy. “BitCraft is an upcoming, open world, sandbox MMORPG that we hope you and your friends will enjoy. If you showed up expecting crypto or similar, there is none. We hope you will still stick around to enjoy the awesome community and our game once it is out and ready to play!”

Ironically, there’s even more crypto spam underneath the disavowal thread. Sorry, Twitter is still the Bad Place.

This is not at all the first time Clockwork has had to clarify its intentions: Back in 2022, developers forcefully declared that they would never touch crypto and NFT junk because they ruin the games and game design through FOMO. Indeed, the term they used was “crypto blackhole.”

The studio did drop another teaser this morning, showing off the blacksmithing skill.

Source: Twitter
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