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Legends of Aria cancels plan for new non-blockchain server, but Classic continues

Last December, Citadel Studios and Legends of Aria got bought out by a blockchain company that declared its plan was to reimagine the floundering...

Kickstarted MMO Legends of Aria and its studio just got bought out by an NFT metaverse games company

Time to add another game to the acquisition heap this week: Blue Monster Games has apparently purchased Citadel Studios and Legends of Aria, along...

Legends of Aria’s $19.99 Dark Sorcery DLC has officially launched

It didn't quite make its original March deadline, but it came damn close: Early access MMORPG Legends of Aria has officially launched new DLC...

Legends of Aria announces $19.99 Dark Sorcery DLC launching this month

If you were figuring Legends of Aria was giving up last year roundabout the time it had those launch delays and see-sawing PvP do-overs,...

Legends of Aria showcases new capture-the-flag mechanics and upcoming features for Point Release 9

Citadel Studios founder/CEO Derek Brinkmann, lead producer Jeffrey Edwards, community manager Liz Finnegan, and lead game designer Ben Phelps took to Twitch a couple...

Legends of Aria’s New Dawn revamp is now slated for December 5

Last night, Citadel Studios put a date on Legends of Aria's latest round of early access overhauling: December 5th. "We’ve been hard at work on...

Legends of Aria’s Reddit AMA addresses thieving skills, crafting, and lessons learned

Derek Brinkmann of Legends of Aria painted himself in blood and walked into the wolves' den of the MMORPG subreddit for that most time-honored...

Legends of Aria is going semi-free-to-play with sweeping New Dawn update

If you've been feeling a bit confused by all of Legends of Aria's recent changes, my friends, you are not alone. Back in August,...

Legends of Aria implements optional premium sub, drops base game price permanently

If you remember the beginning of 2019 - yes, it's been like 100 years this year, but try - you'll recall that the Legends...

Legends of Aria hits Steam early access today with the PvP patch, a sale, and a free month of sub for loyalists

Legends of Aria's big day has arrived - or will when the gates open today around 3 p.m. EDT. A few weeks ago, Citadel Studios...

Legends of Aria bows to the RNG gods of enchanting

With its launch right around the corner, Legends of Aria is spinning up the hype-and-info machine to re-introduce this fantasy MMORPG to the masses....

Here’s how Legends of Aria’s new PvP ruleset changes will work when it hits Steam early access

Following Citadel Studios' announcement yesterday that it'll be launching Legends of Aria's Steam early access on August 6th, alongside a big patch that takes...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 230: A tale of geeks and gamers (and the Legends of Aria interview)

Justin and Bree are joined by Legends of Aria's Derek Brinkmann for a deep-dive into the launch patch, plus we discuss Villagers & Heroes, SWTOR, Neverwinter, DCUO, and WoW, with a mailbag topic about City of Heroes' spiritual successors.

Legends of Aria is finally launching August 6 – with a huge new patch friendly to PvE players

Legends of Aria has had an interesting development life the last few years. Upjumped from the small-scale Shards Online to a much broader-scale MMORPG...
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Interview: Legends of Aria’s dungeon expansion, early access, ganking, housing, and cash shop philosophy

Indie old-school sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria has become a household name among MMO players over the last few months, first rolling into early...
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Legends of Aria pulls controversial item from in-game store as dungeon patch and anti-gank spell go live

This week we've been covering the unfolding concern over Legends of Aria's newly instituted in-game store, specifically the release of a power hour potion...

Legends of Aria players grumble over perceived pay-to-win items in new cash shop

Yesterday, Legends of Aria players were startled to see the new cash-shop in the early access version of the game. Upsetting players even more...
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Legends of Aria previews upcoming content in first developer’s letter of 2019

In-development sandbox MMO Legends of Aria has high hopes for 2019, if the year's first letter from Project Lead Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann is anything...
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Legends of Aria plans Steam early access launch on December 4, preorders are live

Legends of Aria is headed to Steam early access, Citadel Studios announced this morning. The launch is set for December 4th. Preorders are live...

Want to try Legends of Aria? We’ve got trial keys just in time for the closed beta 2 launch!

It's a big day for indie MMORPG Legends of Aria, as its second closed beta official kicks off with a server wipe and a...