Legends of Aria bows to the RNG gods of enchanting


With its launch right around the corner, Legends of Aria is spinning up the hype-and-info machine to re-introduce this fantasy MMORPG to the masses. As part of that endeavor, the team put out an article explaining how the game’s itemization just got a lot more interesting thanks to the brand-new enchanting system.

Crafters and the RNG gods will play a large role in enchanting, which will result in creating “powerful and highly sought after items” for adventurers. Players have the option to use essences as dice rolls to increase an item’s stats by a little… or a lot. These essences are used across all of the game’s crafting disciplines.

“Item properties are going to have far wider implications than crafting and enchanting alone — this expansion affords us, for the first time, the ability to drop meaningful and diverse item drops, be it a common pirate or Goblin sword or cursed artifacts from the Void,” the team said.

Curious to hear more about this indie MMO sandbox? Give the latest episode of the Massively OP Podcast a listen in which we interview lead designer Derek Brinkmann!

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