Legends of Aria is finally launching August 6 – with a huge new patch friendly to PvE players


Legends of Aria has had an interesting development life the last few years. Upjumped from the small-scale Shards Online to a much broader-scale MMORPG called Legends of Aria, the game hit open beta last year and early access last December, but it delayed Steam early access indefinitely when its popularity was a bit too much for the tech to handle.

Well, all that’s in the past now, as Citadel Studios has just announced that it will finally hit Steam for a launch on August 6th. But there’s much more to the announcement, as there’s a bit of a kitchen-sink update rolling out at the same time. Players can expect an optional sub with the concomitant perks, a new Bard skill line, new cosmetics, new housing types, new mounts, a new weapon and armor enchanting system that buffs the heck out of crafting, and a “guided experience” that’ll help newbies figure out what to do next when getting started in the game – something our columnist could’ve used when he explored Aria this past spring.

But the biggest change will come in the form of PvP changes that should make the game much more palatable to PvE players who aren’t interested in participating in gank-style PvP.

“Ruleset changes to provide a more consensual PvP experience across more of the map for those who wish to play without fear of ganking.”

Stay tuned for the Massively OP Podcast this afternoon at 4 p.m. EDT – we’ve got Citadel’s Derek Brinkmann on as a guest to talk about the launch and everything in it, plus the big changes for PvE players. Edit: That podcast is live now!

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