Astellia Online offers a video overview of the features waiting in its second closed beta


We touched on what’s waiting in CBT2 earlier in the week, but the only thing missing from that roundup was a sizzle trailer. Luckily, the good folks at Astellia Online have cooked one up for us.

The video provides a little visual tour of the PvE dungeons and Avalon PvP battleground that awaits during the second round of closed beta testing for the MMO. CBT 2 will feature over a dozen unique dungeons in solo, group, and legendary difficulties and boast the kind of better loot one would expect out of such instances. Avalon, meanwhile, will let three factions of players bloody each others noses rewards and leaderboard standings.

Testing for Astellia Online is due to kick off tomorrow, July 30th. In the meantime, you can enjoy lots of pretty, pretty dungeon vistas in the video below, and be sure to have a read of our first impressions if you haven’t done so already.

source: YouTube
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