QuakeCon 2019: Fallout 76’s private servers and new battle royale map


During the Fallout 76 panel at QuakeCon this weekend, Bethsoft dished on some of the content upcoming for the game. Perhaps most excitingly, the studio says private servers are still on the way, but “sooner than you think.” That could be soon indeed; we knew they were planned since long before launch, but the vague timeline on modding for such servers would’ve put them this fall at the absolute earliest.

We also learned that the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode will be picking up a new urban-themed map in Morgantown, with mechanics revolving around vertical movement and water hazards.

The Wastelanders expansion is still planned for Novemberish, but in the short-term, you can look forward to the long-awaited Vault 94 raid and seasonal events this Halloween.

Source: YouTube, Reddit, Polygon
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