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Want to try Legends of Aria? We’ve got trial keys just in time for the closed beta 2 launch!

It's a big day for indie MMORPG Legends of Aria, as its second closed beta official kicks off with a server wipe and a...
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Legends of Aria may delay its Steam early access start

Don't go taking any time off work in April with the hopes of playing Legends of Aria's early access program. In an Ask Me...

Legends of Aria awakens something nasty during its final alpha

Something evil and sinister has awakened in Legends of Aria, but that is actually pretty exciting news for alpha testers seeking new challenges and...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 139: Catching up with Legends of Aria

Justin and Bree are joined by Legends of Aria's Derek Brinkmann to chat about alpha; then they discuss Guild Wars 2's waypoint sales, SWTOR's merges, the WoW expansion, and Shroud of the Avatar's delay, with a mailbag question on lockbox gambling.

The Stream Team: Devs deliver a newbie guide for Legends of Aria’s final alpha

It's the final alpha! Do do do do do do do do do... sing it with us! Legends of Aria just started its final...

Legends of Aria’s alpha has begun, infusing the Shards Online sandbox with MMORPG

Back at PAX East, MMO players were startled but pleased at the revelation that Shards Online was getting a massive revamp as well as...

Make My MMO: Elite’s Commanders, SOTA’s R40, Starfighter’s AMA (April 1, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Elite: Dangerous rather unceremoniously announced on social media that the 2.3 Commanders update will launch around the middle of April...
Shards Online

Massively OP Podcast Episode 110: Legends of Aria’s Derek Brinkmann

Justin interviews Legends of Aria's Derek Brinkmann on the game's switch from Shards Online, Ultima origins, open PvP, private servers, and the shift to full MMORPG status.

PAX East 2017: Shards Online changes its name to Legends of Aria and goes full MMORPG

Shards Online is no more: The game is now officially called Legends of Aria. Better still? It's now being marketed by Citadel Studios as...

Shards Online’s always-on alpha is now live

Citadel Studios' MMORPG Shards Online has formally launched its alpha today. "Alpha for a game like this means we’ve pretty much got all the...

The Stream Team: Derek Brinkmann dishes about Shards Online

How would you describe Shards Online? MassivelyOP's MJ found the perfect way to answer that question: She nabbed Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann to do it!...
Let's try not being dead today.

Shards Online AMA covers permadeath, community servers, and the Steam launch

Citadel Studios' Derek Brinkmann hopped on Reddit yesterday for an AMA revolving around Shards Online. Among the highlights: The game does have hunger, but...

Exclusive: Shards Online’s skill system dev diary

Indie sandbox Shards Online is barreling toward its 2016 launch, promising a creator's paradise for those willing to steer their very own servers. Today, Citadel...

Shards Online delays alpha, early access; adds new stretch goal

Shards Online's latest newsletter has arrived, and in it, Project Lead Derek Brinkmann says the development team is hard at work on two features:...
Let's try not being dead today.

Pilfering pants and PvP in Shards Online community roundtable and January tourney

It's all fun and games until you lose your pants! If you've been wondering what is up with Shards Online lately, the answer is...

Shards Online’s third pre-alpha starts December 3

Citadel has announced that Shards Online's third pre-alpha phase will soft launch for all backers at the $75 tier and above on December 3rd....

Be the Lord of Darkness in Shards Online this weekend

Shards Online has published its October newsletter, which includes a project update letter from lead dev Derek Brinkmann as well as information on new...

Shards Online’s latest newsletter on playtesting and ‘managing’ PK behavior

Shards Online has posted its latest newsletter on the heels of last weekend's pre-alpha 3 preview event, which included over 100 testers. Citadel's Derek...

Shards Online: Proposing the ‘persistent online world’ game

Last week, our comments erupted over some game studios' haphazard use of the term "MMO" -- and how that overuse and misuse has possibly tainted the...

Shards Online newsletter highlights revamps, player-run servers, and more

Shards Online's latest newsletter says that July has been one of the most exciting months in the fantasy sandbox's history. For starters, Citadel Studios...