Legends of Aria previews upcoming content in first developer’s letter of 2019

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In-development sandbox MMO Legends of Aria has high hopes for 2019, if the year’s first letter from Project Lead Derek “Supreem” Brinkmann is anything to judge by. Moving forward, players will be able to look forward to more consistent patches and updates as the team transitions to a biweekly patch schedule. In addition, Brinkmann writes that the Frozen Tundra patch that was teased in the previous newsletter is coming along swimmingly, and as it turns out, players will soon be able to get a small taste of that patch’s content.

The devs realize that “there is a strong need for more room for mid-end game players to hunt,” which needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and as such, they are going to be pushing up the release of a feature from the Frozen Tundra patch. What this feature is, exactly, Brinkmann doesn’t say, but he promises that players can expect a “meaty development blog with all the details on what this update will entail” sometime soon.

In the meantime, players can peruse the patch notes for the most recent update, which primarily seems to fix some bugs and make some minor adjustments to a few different systems. Players can now invite friends to visit their houses, and they should also now be able to level up certain skills that previously “would not gain if at zero skill.” The patch also makes adjustments to karma rewards, allowing them to be split between party members, and it has implemented “general monster balances and tweaks.”

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