Shards Online delays alpha, early access; adds new stretch goal


Shards Online’s latest newsletter has arrived, and in it, Project Lead Derek Brinkmann says the development team is hard at work on two features: clusters, which are the groundwork for connected regions, and catacombs, dungeons that change their layouts randomly.

Citadel Studios also says it’s delaying alpha 1 until spring, which won’t affect backers and testers unduly but will effectively delay the game’s early access launch on Steam:

“[W]e underestimated a few things (supporting our 24/7 servers and cluster implementation) that is going to push Alpha 1 into the Spring. We’ve also decided to separate our Alpha 1 release and our arrival on Steam Early Access by at least a few months. This way our current supporters can help us work out the kinks before we open ourselves to the massive audience that is the Steam Community.”

The studio has announced a new mount stretch goal at the $250k mark as well as new pledge rewards for several tiers over $75.

Source: Newsletter
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