Massively OP’s MMORPG Valentine’s Day 2016 roundup


If you’re one of those gamers who needs goofy real-world holidays in your MMOs, then this weekend is for you, as sappy pink hearts, chocolate candy crappies, and excessively revealing cosmetic lingerie is about to invade the online gaming space. Here are just a few of the events that will be plaguing us during the Valentine’s Day festivities!

Blade & Soul – You’ll be grinding for roses. Pants are optional.

World of Warcraft – Love is in the air, but not until February 15th.

RIFT – Heartfelt effect cosmetics ares available as rare drops from limited edition “Lovely Levitation” mount troves until February 17th.

TERA – Kyra’s Potion Shack is back in time for the holiday.

Final Fantasy XIV – Celebrate “Valentione’s Day.”

Trove and Defiance – The two games are working their transmedia synergies overtime with “Hellbug Love” and “Colony Courtship.”

Marvel Heroes – Enjoy a “couples” sale, event drops, and special daily login rewards.

EverQuest and EverQuest II – Erollisi Day quests return to both games. EverQuest II’s getting new content for the occasion, to boot. On a progression server? You’ll have to be happy with a seasonal merchant in the main cities.

Destiny – Die in a Crimson Doubles 2v2 elimination mode match and your partner will avenge you with a “broken heart” buff.

ArcheAge – V-Day items, including the Narayana Plushie Pet and the White Romance Table, are available in the shop.

SkyforgeSkyforge went ALL OUT with its new contest and Mysteries of Love event.

The Secret World – The stock V-day events returned this week along with TSW’s new subber rewards.

DC Universe Online – Leap into a new four-person instance, Love’s Battlefield, and stop Mr. Freeze!

Anarchy Online – Grab your freebie V-day items from the cash shop! Quest-givers Adrienne Lefebvre and Qi Qiao Jie return to Rubi-Ka. [Thanks, ZenDadaist!]

Wild Terra – All early access bundles are on sale this weekend; there’s a special bundle for couples, too.

Star Trek Online – Though it’s not strictly a Valentine’s Day event, STO has 20% off ships and 15% off bonus ZEN.

Dark Age of Camelot – New(ish?) and old quests return through the weekend.

MapleStory – Nexon opened up the Ghost Park and added a bonus experience event.

Villagers & Heroes – The Sugarsweet Summit event returns.

The Elder Scrolls Online – ZeniMax is collecting your tales of in-game love.

GTA Online – There’s an updated Albany Roosevelt model, new clothes, and new accessories.

SMITE – Celebrate Norse Valisblot with a Gem Storm and Norse sale on PC and console.

Devilian – You’ll be fighting “crimes against candy” in Devilian’s event.

League of Legends – “Display your inner XOXO” in the world’s biggest video game.

Champions Online – Freeform slots are 50% off for the holiday!

Aion – Hunt for broken heart pieces and turn them into sweet, sweet loot.

Hearthstone – This OTCG’s Love is in the Air card is still on the table.

Lineage II – “Feel the Power of Love” in L2, plus bonus Huey Lewis song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Neverwinter – PWE is running a 15% off V-day sale for NW.

Scarlet Blade – Because it’s always Valentine’s Day in Scarlet Blade.

These are but a handful of the events going on this weekend. Sound off in the comments if you spot more!

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