Massively OP Podcast Episode 110: Legends of Aria’s Derek Brinkmann

Shards Online

Join us in welcoming today Citadel Studios’ Project Lead Derek Brinkmann from Legends of Aria (fka Shards Online) for an hour-long interview about the game’s rebranding, new MMO focus, and upcoming alpha tests!

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Listen to the show right now:

Show notes:

  • Interview with Legends of Aria’s Derek Brinkmann
  • PAX East
  • Ultima Online
  • Legends of Aria elevator pitch
  • Solving the open PvP problem
  • Why change from Shards Online?
  • Testing schedule
  • Financials
  • Skill-based MMOs
  • What does your work day look like?
  • The community
  • Private shards
  • The game world and story
  • What do you enjoy playing?
  • Going incognito
  • Outro

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Great interview. Seems like an interesting guy. Most of what he had to say convinced me I’m not really interested in his game. For me: Open PVP = Nope.

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I am also looking forward to it. I wish there were an easy way to modify the world itself, rather than having to use Unity, but we’ll see how involved the process is.

Noah Mayes

Great interview Supreem! Looking forward to Legends of Aria testing and Steam release!

– Nocturn – Arch Necromancer