Legends of Aria plans Steam early access launch on December 4, preorders are live

Pack it in.

Legends of Aria is headed to Steam early access, Citadel Studios announced this morning. The launch is set for December 4th. Preorders are live now and come with a week of head-start access as well as entry to the ongoing closed beta testing and a leg up on the inevitable land rush (“the chance to lay claim to their own plots of land and build their homes before anyone else”).

“We’ve gone from making a smaller scale online RPG to making the large-scale full-on sandbox MMORPG we’ve been dying to play since Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and EverQuest first made us all believers in the genre years ago,” Citadel’s Derek Brinkmann says in the press release. “We’ve got even more content and additions planned for the future of Aria, but we’re just excited to finally open the doors and see what the players will do in our world this December.”

MMORPG players will remember back when the game was still called Shards Online and was being touted as a spiritual successor to Ultima Online specifically. In early 2017, Citadel announced a name change and major overhaul of the game to make it more like a traditional MMORPG than a shard-based multiplayer title, complete with a skill-based character development system, a rewritten combat system, and sandbox exploration, though the game will also continue to support modding and player-run servers. A major graphics upgrade went in earlier this year too.

Check out the new trailer to get caught up on where the game is going!

Source: Press release

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Moolarurka .

The problem with this game a while back was that it lacked any kind of a social tool or map . Given this it was practically impossible to group up with friends to play it together .

I am not sure if this has changed yet , I know they were considering the inclusion of a some sort of social tool but it wasn’t a high priority ( which I found weird because for any mmo the social aspect is top on my list of things that attract me to the genre ) and a cartography skill to allow you to map the game by exploring .

Without those you’ll be in for a pretty frustrating time of it .


I’m following this game since many years, because it’s my last hope to find again the golden age of Ultima Online Feelings.

After so many MMO I tried in the last years and the so many disappontments, i can Count of my fingers the games that could give me what I am Looking for: Pantheon, Chronicles of Elyria, Legends Of Aria.

I partecipated to few pre-alpha / Alpha and I was totally surprised About the Quality of the game at such early stages. In the last year I wasn’t able to check the last occasions, but 2 months a go, when I gave it a try – Wow. It was a true blast. SO many skills added, so smooth and so many Deep mechanics and a splendid community. I felt like home, once again.

I’m totally hyped About the steam release. But I’m scared as well – the playerbase is bigger than expected, or anyway very competitive (and not only PVP-wise). I checked out the Wiki,the Forum and on Discord LoA Server (this is absolutely the best place to start and where you can find any update/help/info/etc) and it seems the Land rush will be very kinky, especially after the last changes.

I wanted to start my own guild (a merchants guild with a detailed plan to conquer the economy of LoA), but I quickly realised that all the current players have already a huge setup and masterplans, including some guilds doing RP with Social Engineering / Infiltration / Espionage.

The “tools” you asked for are definitely there now, and remember, the wiki is always expanding and for sure players will make maps for everything after the game will start to settle. Moving around is made by Purpose this way. This is how you Need to Group to Play socially, move wares across cities, protecting them with mercenaries and so on.

So Long Story short – they are adding tutorials and such and for sure the discord channel and the steam community hub will be a big resource to help new Players starting – and like in every MMO – Things will shapes by themselves if the game will appear to most Players. In case of doubt, better you find already a Guild to join before the game starts in the way you will Gather already all info you Need and during the first day follow the Guidelines of the People who hardcore-played the previous phases.

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Can’t wait to give this one a twirl!

Dane Ford

What launch attempt is this, 4th? I’ll believe it when I see it.


Yeah, many times it was said an approx date then was delayed…but they made so many Tests phases now, so many wipes, so many stress test. When I played this game 2 months a go, it was impressive and I didn’t experienced any bug. For being a closed beta, it was running smoother and had more Features than any AAA+ MMO that Releases and are a complete mess. And they know you have only ONE bullet to release a MMO on steam. They are Ready. It must go fine! :D On Discord there is a channel dedicated to suggestions for steam release and they are listening actively.


I have had my eye on this one if it is in the budget will probably get it.


$29. Pretty cheap. no sub. Been in testing two years. Very happy with the end result.


I’ve been looking forward to this.