Legends of Aria may delay its Steam early access start

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Don’t go taking any time off work in April with the hopes of playing Legends of Aria’s early access program. In an Ask Me Anything session on Wednesday, Project Lead Derek Brinkmann said that the team is evaluating the progression of the game’s closed beta and may not be able to make the April target for early access.

“There is a very good chance that our Steam release date will slip,” Brinkmann said. “It is really important to the team that we deliver the absolute best experience possible on that day of the final wipe because we only get one shot at it. Expect an announcement about our release date in the coming weeks with a more specific answer.”

Other information gleaned from the AMA:

  • When early access happens, the team will deliver hosting and modding tools for the community.
  • “Big changes” are coming to the crafting system.
  • Bards and necromancers will be released after launch.
  • “We’d like to give maps more of a physical representation in the world.”
  • A tracking skill is coming to counter stealth classes, as well as more stealthing skills.
  • Beards are coming. BEARDS, PEOPLE!
Source: Reddit
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