Legends of Aria implements optional premium sub, drops base game price permanently


If you remember the beginning of 2019 – yes, it’s been like 100 years this year, but try – you’ll recall that the Legends of Aria community was in uproar over the then-newly installed in-game store and what players perceived were pay-to-win items. Citadel Studios walked back the changes with a plan for a different model. And this week, we’re getting a glimpse of what exactly the final monetization plan entails, as the servers returned last night with the new premium sub in place.

“The Premium Subscription is an optional monthly subscription that gives a number of perks to player accounts,” Citadel explains. Those perks include a second house plot, an extra character slot, free taxes, and a 100-gem stipend every week.

“In addition, there are additional rewards available based on the ‘age’ of a player’s subscription. All players have the option of purchasing a subscription – 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months – via the in-game store. You are awarded your premium account age as soon as you pay for it. For example, a 3 month subscription purchase would immediately grant you 3 months of premium account age.”

The cash shop is also up and running now with “Soulstones, character appearance changes, name changes, and an assortment of cosmetic dyes for leather, armor, and clothing” all buyable with gems. Moreover, the game’s settling in at its new permanent price of $19.99.

MOP’s Chris has been retouring Legends of Aria since its early access launch and revamp this summer and is actually pleased with most of the changes. Citadel’s Derek Brinkmann told us that the game had seen a “3x increase in active player numbers” since the game hit early access on Steam.

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