Legends of Aria’s Reddit AMA addresses thieving skills, crafting, and lessons learned


Derek Brinkmann of Legends of Aria painted himself in blood and walked into the wolves’ den of the MMORPG subreddit for that most time-honored tradition of digital self-flagellation, the AMA. And the redditors responded, feral at the scent of the bait and eager to nip.

It actually wasn’t too terrible, though the opening questions did get on Brinkmann for perceived heavy-handed community moderation. Some of the more level-headed questions involved expansion of Stealing and Snooping to other areas, quality-of-life questions related to farming, and some suggestions to improve crafting.

One of the more interesting answers came in response to a question asking what the devs learned over the course of working on Legends of Aria. “We put so much importance on the Steam launch but in reality it at was the Final Wipe that most of the MMORPG community consider the game ‘launched’,” replied Brinkmann. “If I was to go back in time, I would have delayed the final wipe until we were absolutely comfortable with the ruleset that Legends of Aria would be sticking with for years to come.”

It’s a beefy AMA with plenty of As to Qs on a wide variety of topics, so make sure to get a very comfy chair and flip through the discussion.

source: Reddit, thanks to Pepperzine and TJ for the tip!

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Deadly Habit

Awww my question was level headed and tactful, also seems to be the most upvoted by a wide margin as well ;)

Kickstarter Donor

I downvoted your post, but only because you complained (with a screenshot) about being downvoted~ Original post was spot-on.

Deadly Habit

It was in under a minute of my posting the question was the only reason i captured that and happened to notice it hence the edit and posting the screenshot, at least yours was natural and not so immediate and bot/stalker like.

I know I hurt the guy’s feelings on the (un)official LoA sub by being critical and telling people to use ceddit to see what posts had been removed. Caught a ban for that and a very childish PM from the main sub moderator who then blocked all modmail for 2 weeks, but hey at least that’s not an official CS employee and hopefully never will be.


Him telling us that the only thing that will matter is their actions when their actions to date have been terrible is just beyond baffling.

They’re just so tone deaf.