Last Oasis outlines changes to map rarity coming to the game very soon

Good, well-thought-out plans.

At the start of the newest Last Oasis season, one of the big changes was a revision to make the game more PvE-friendly and less focused on PvP (while also making the game, well, suck less). So it’s interesting to see that with the scheduled burn on September 7th and the introduction of a new system of map rarity, the progression loop for rarity will be entirely focused on PvP without any corresponding PvE versions to balance it out:

Originally, when rarity was meant to be more of an iterative progression mechanic, we said that we intended to have PvE rarity maps. However, the design of rarity has changed in a way that we believe makes it a progression loop that would be less rewarding to PvE players and more rewarding to risk-taking PvP players. For that reason, at least in their first implementation, rarity maps will be PvP-only.

There will also be some pretty significant changes made to event maps including having randomized distribution of resources across the board. The goal is to change the design from players trying to have everything at top rarity to deciding what is most important to have at top rarity and altering resource distribution accordingly. Check out the full development entry for a complete picture of what’s changing after the next burn event.

Source: Steam
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