Last Oasis works on packing issues while developing the Ancient City map

Good, well-thought-out plans.

While the development team may be going back-and-forth on a number of issues surrounding the game, the latest patch for Last Oasis works very decisively to address every issue players have had with packing, ranging from bugs to quality-of-life issues. So if it’s time to pack up your structures and walkers to move them around, it’ll be that much easier. This presages a controlled burn to make the world map less expansive, with the developers also still working to improve the Sleeping Giants map in general and with overall balance in mind.

The developers are also working on the new Ancient City map, which is much less randomized and much more of a bespoke experience for players. The current plan is to have it spawn in as a map, with different rarities for PvP maps and no rarity (but the same core relics) for PvE maps. It’s a bit worrisome that the latest update also mentions that setting timelines is just a recipe for disappointment, but beyond that players should have a lot to mull over after this particular update.

Source: Steam
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