Overwatch 2 announces nonbinary geotech hero Venture, trialing this weekend


It surely goes without saying that Blizzard did not see Riot Games announce a non-binary character this past weekend and then decide to announce one of its own for Overwatch 2 today, right? Right? We all know it doesn’t work that way, yes? Good. You may, however, speculate on who scooped whom here because yes, Overwatch 2 just announced a new character named Venture who’s using they/them pronouns, and I am disinclined to believe in coincidences when it comes to these two companies, but also it doesn’t really matter because the more the merrier!

Regardless, Venture looks pretty badass too; they’re less femme-coded than Clove, with a geotech vibe, shockwave attacks, shields, burrowing movement, and drill-themed charges. A limited trial of the toon begins tomorrowday; the video implies the toon properly launches with season 10 on April 16th.

Source: YouTube
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