Squad-based WWII shooter Enlisted makes its open beta debut on all platforms


Looking for a new multiplayer squad shooter set in WWII? Wait, really? Well then publisher Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Studio has your number as their game Enlisted officially entered open beta on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S last week.

The game’s open beta touts two campaigns set in the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy, both of which are described as “significantly improved” from the game’s closed beta test, with promise of new campaigns coming “regularly” in the future. The open beta version also features new missions, weapons, and gear that were not seen during closed beta, along with an overhauled progression system and a new 75 day-long battle pass.

While the setting of Enlisted can seem routine, gameplay provides a unique wrinkle via players taking direct control of one of nine soldiers in their personal squad. This grants players the ability to stay in the fight with remaining squad members if their controlled character is killed instead of waiting to respawn, and players can even take up the next available squad if the one they’re controlling is wiped out — squads can consist of infantry of 12 existing classes, a tank crew, or an aircraft pilot. For those who prefer a more “traditional” squad-based shooter approach, Enlisted also features modes where each player controls only one soldier.

Enlisted is free-to-play but does sell premium packs as well. More information can be read on the game’s site while an announcement trailer below grants a cinematic (read: incessant use of unsteady cam) look at gameplay.

source: press release

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1942 was always my favourite of the Battlefield franchise, so this is a definite try for me! Thanks for the heads-up!