Gamigo reveals another upcoming game: Mobile turn-based arena battler Heroes of Twilight


Last week, we noted that Gamigo’s parent company’s investor report talked up an “increased number of game launches” on its 2021 roadmap – one of which was revealed as Kinship Entertainment’s 4v4 MOBA hybrid called Skydome. Today, we’re being treated to yet another one of them, though this one is also not an MMORPG – and to add insult to injury, we first saw it being advertised on the Twin Saga Twitter accountTwin Saga being one of multiple titles Gamigo is in the process of sunsetting later this month.

The new game is called Heroes of Twilight, and it looks to be a free-to-play mobile title launching on Android and iOS this summer in conjunction with Bkom Studios. While the website touts PvP arena matchups, clans, and global rank leaderboards, it looks like chiefly a 1v1 collectible card and turn-based map strategy experience, so it’s not something that’s going to get hardcore MMO players out of bed in the morning. On the other hand, it has a cute day-and-night hook; the characters literally have day and night versions (“NightFalls” and “SunPops”) that change up what they can do. The official trailer is below.

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