Gamigo’s next big thing is a 4v4 MOBA hybrid called Skydome


Gamigo’s parent company’s last investor report promised “an increased number of game launches […] on the roadmap for 2021,” and now we know what at least one of them is: Skydome. Announced yesterday, Skydome is a Kinship Entertainment-built 4v4 MOBA-slash-tower-defense game – multiplayer, but not an MMO. Gamigo is publishing the title in North America and Europe, and it’s angling for a closed beta by the end of spring.

“An ever-growing world filled to the brim with gripping stories and diverse characters awaits the players in Skydome. Players must assemble a team of skilled heroes to defend their base and crush enemy walls while completing side objectives. The outcome of a match depends on everyone working together. In the Dawn Temple, the first playable map of the game, heroes must join forces and face down countless waves of might foes. Here, Skirmishers, Guardians, Hunters and more Champions will face the epic fight between the Sun and the Moon to decide who should reign supreme. […] In Skydome, players delve right into fast paced isometric action matches, with thrilling challenges waiting at every turn. Depending on each playstyle, players can craft elaborate strategies in teams of four or face the battle heads on by utilizing special intervention skills to sabotage their opponents. Death mazes, magic portals, and time manipulation are all part of a player’s strategy to become the ultimate champion in this epic tower-defense experience.”

Beta signups are live on the official site already.

Source: Press release, official site

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Malcolm Swoboda

I appreciate them warning me off with the video title’s description of genre.

Bruno Brito

How in the name of almighty shitfuck does this company manages to be late for EVERYTHING?


Cash shop ‘adjutments’

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Loyal Patron

Combining Moba and tower defense in 2021 is like releasing a new combination AM radio and VCR.


(Betamax – cause this is just as sure a success!!!)

Kickstarter Donor

I saw some tidbits about this and was interested…but PvP noty.

My kingdom for a proper EOTA (WC3 mod) spinoff game. I always much preferred that to DOTA given that it was focused more on overall strategy and less on individual/group play. Sure you could make your hero a beast and wreck house, but if the other team beefed up their minions you could be constantly having to battle those back since you didn’t upgrade any of your minions/defenses.



maybe the investors are still living in the past, giving away that money for something that so many others have failed at breaking into

Jeremy Barnes

Didn’t someone tell them BR is the fotm now? Mobas are like, so over.

Danny Smith

Insert Robin Williams in Jumanji inquiring to the current date here:

Jaymes Buckman

I think it’s technically called the Rogers Centre now.