Destiny 2 outlines Final Shape’s armor and ability updates and a new Pathfinder UI


Destiny 2 continues to unleash a torrent of hyper-granular details about its Final Shape expansion this week, with dev blogs, weekly newsletter information, and two long trailers (sorry, ViDocs) pouring out of Bungie in preparation for the June 4th expansion release.

We’ll begin with the separate dev blog about armor tuning, which calls attention to changes that will apply to exotic armor benefits in the face of the Prismatic subclass’ arrival. In a very broad strokes sense, exotics will now have their effects tied to an element rather than an individual subclass, while the post further drills down on certain class-specific exotic tweaks, raid armor mod changes, melee perks, and changes to the ammo finder mod.

Bungie also broke down ability adjustments arriving in Final Shape, which primarily zeroing in on Stasis ability changes and debuting a stacking frost armor buff, though the post also shares additional granular changes for nearly every subclass ability in the game.

As for the weekly newsletter, that offers another deep-dive into its new Pathfinder UI, which is described as both a singular location for players to track activities and get rewards for doing so as well as a way to get players to engage in things they might otherwise not try out, though the post also claims that Pathfinder provides players with choice.

Lastly, there are the two trailers mentioned in the lede, the first of which focuses on lore and locations, while the second video promises a more design and development-focused look at the expansion.

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