Destiny 2 provides one more Final Shape preview, collabs with Dungeons & Dragons for a cash shop bundle


We are now mere days away from Destiny 2: The Final Shape going live (unless you were among those PS5 players who got that unintended advanced peek), which means that Bungie has one last set of previews to share before the expansion formally launches.

These looks ahead are mercifully less granular than ones that were shared previously: The newsletter gives a complete peek ahead at the expansion’s seasonal artifact and its various perks, talks up the world first race to clear the expansion’s raid on June 7th, and confirms that there will be in-game voice chat for fireteam finder lobbies once the expansion is live.

On top of all this there’s a special Dungeons & Dragons collab happening on the day of Final Shape’s launch, which offers a whole assortment of cosmetics to the cash shop, so if you’ve ever wanted your Ghost to look like a Beholder or your Warlock to look like a Mindflayer, your weirdly specific buying urges are being served.

sources: press release, official site
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