Destiny 2’s Final Shape is hamstrung by cutscene-killing connection errors and a suspected spike in dungeon difficulty


Yesterday saw the launch of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, which naturally means that we’re circling back to see how its initial release went, and we’re sure that you’ll all be surprised to learn that things haven’t been smooth going; it’s generally how these things tend to go, but players are getting frustrated regardless.

According to a Twitter thread from the dev team, many of the connection issues that plagued the expansion’s initial launch have already been addressed, though one significant error remains that is punting players out of an activity in-progress — and interrupting major story cutscenes in the process.

The devs promise that this bug is their highest priority and suggest replaying specific missions as a temporary workaround. “We built The Final Shape to be an exciting, cathartic, story-driven adventure for everyone to enjoy. We’re truly sorry if connection issues and instability is getting in the way of that experience, and we promise to keep working until these issues are resolved,” the thread concludes. Players are also being directed to the Bungie Help Twitter account to keep abreast of updates.

While connection issues are obviously one of the more pressing problems facing D2 players, another one is looming large, as a Redditor has called out a suspected significant spike in challenge for dungeons and raids. The post references one fan’s analysis of video footage that suggests player damage is being nerfed by as much as 35 percent while player damage received has been increased; following dungeon and raid surges can mitigate these supposed stealth nerfs, but many players argue that this will poison the well for most group activities, particularly since associated rewards haven’t been improved commensurate to the difficulty raise.

sources: Twitter, Reddit (1, 2)
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