Conan Exiles details revamp of the purge mechanic arriving with its September 21 update


The tail end of August saw Conan Exiles confirm the September 21st launch of Age of War – Chapter II, with one of its marquee features being a revamp to the survivalbox’s purge mechanic. For those who are wondering just what that actually means, Funcom has finally elected to offer up details in its latest news post.

In short, purges can now be engaged when the player wants them to: Players can speak to the treasurer managing their clan hoard and announce their amassed wealth to the game world, at which point Stygian forces will begin setting up a war camp nearby. Naturally, the bigger a hoard is at the time of this proclamation, the harder the challenge and greater the rewards for surviving.

Players are being urged to ensure their defenses are up to snuff before engaging a purge, which should be helped by some new additions like burning cauldron traps or the ability to have thralls guard a gate or door. Players should also be prepared for assaulting forces to bring siege weapons like battering rams to bear, as they will try to smash as many things out of the way to get their mitts on the treasure hoard.

Once enough waves have been defeated, the Hand of War will arrive to the field on top of existing waves, but defeating this boss will allow players to win the purge, a key in the boss’ pocket that unlocks treasures within the Stygian war camp, and access to an NPC who can sell helpful items to the victorious.

Funcom hopes that this new-look purge will bring more control and more rewards for those who risk their holdings for fortune and glory, and it all reads like a rather epic confrontation, assuming it all goes to plan.

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