Conan Exiles opens up Age of War – Chapter II on September 21

What's in this age? WAR.

It’s probably not surprising that Conan Exiles is currently in the Age of War update series. Sure, it might be nice if it were the Age of Talking About Feelings or the Age of Outstanding Dinner Rolls, but that would be a bit unusual. No, it’s the Age of War, and the second chapter of that age is arriving on September 21st complete with expanded and improved Purges. Attackers have a clearer objective and players have a better methodology to defend against the attacks, and the whole event should feel more rewarding.

Loot in general is supposed to feel more rewarding, in fact, with random chests awarding rare items and refined materials instead of just a pile of plant fiber. And while the update itself is free, the battle pass along with cosmetics certainly hopes to incentivize players to drop a few bucks on it along the way. So it’s the Age of War And Maybe Paying For Some Nice Pretty Clothes. You can do war and look pretty. It’s fine.

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