Blade & Soul is splitting damage types and adding new bracelets with the Storm of Arrows update


The next update for Blade & Soul is dubbed Storm of Arrows and that sounds absolutely horrifying. You might say “it’s just a little rain” if you’re going to get drizzled on, but no one would say it’s just a little storm of arrows falling on your head. But there are more important things with the update beyond that, such as the fact that players will no longer have the same damage values for PvP and PvE content. Tooltips will now display the damage for both modes of play separately, so players can see how stats are valued differently for both modes.

Players will also be able to acquire new bracelets from the new dungeon and raid added with the patch, leading to a new legendary bracelet option. There are also updates to the Unity system as well as pet gems, weapon upgrade cost changes, and a new Omega tier of pet auras. So if you’re done wondering if you’ll need a steel umbrella to deal with the eponymous storm of arrows when the patch launches on September 18th, you’ll have plenty of system changes to explore.

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Well, it’s an old story. What is good for PvE is not always good for PvP and vice versa. This is part of almost every game I’ve played over the years.

So, decoupling the damage values is a good idea. There will be some confusion at first but it will be sorted out in the Arenas and content.

All goog!