Tencent will host a cloud version of Blade & Soul in China soon


It’s possible that the hacking cough that was Google Stadia’s launch has turned you off from the notion that cloud gaming is the future, but Tencent still believes in it. It believes in it so thoroughly that it’s planning to launch a cloud version of Blade & Soul sometime in the near future. The game is doing well in China, so it makes sense to launch a cloud version of the game in China, allowing players with lower-end machines or away from their main computers to still experience the game.

Unlike the aforementioned wheezing rattle of a launch, Tencent’s announced plans require a high-speed broadband service and low latency to make use of the cloud service, as well as only launching in six cities. Hebei, Anhui, Tianjing, Beijing, Jiangsu, and Shanghai will have access to the cloud version of the game, but other major cities including Shenzhen (the headquarters of Tencent) will not be getting in on the cloud-based goodness for the moment. So cloud gaming is indeed the future… if you’re in the right parts of the country, and you have good Internet, and you want the future to include Blade & Soul.

Source: MMO Culture
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