Grim Dawn unveils Monster Totems as the first new feature arriving with its next update


Grim Dawn has only just released one of its largest updates, yet already the team at Crate Entertainment is looking ahead to v1.1.6.0 with a first look at the update’s first feature: Monster Totems.

Monster Totems effectively work like Corrupted Devotion Shrines in that interacting with them summons waves of enemies and rewards piles of loot for surviving the onslaught, except Monster Totems don’t provide Devotion Points. Monster Totems will spawn randomly around the world, so prepare to do a lot of changing course as you quest in Grim Dawn if you’re looking for that loot piñata goodness.

Of course, there’s going to be more to v1.1.6.0 and the coming year, but the devs are mum on the details. They did take the time to express a great deal of gratitude for the game’s progress:

Grim Dawn has been a project developed by an incredibly dedicated team. There are features and art now in the game that would not have been possible without passionate developers putting in late nights and weekends, not because they were asked to or because it was critical to meet the bare minimum but because they wanted MOAR. And we can assure you that MOAR is exactly what you’ll be getting next year!”


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This is a good feature. I like clearing the corrupted shrines, but after you clear them all there’s no way to reset them. Now you’ll be able to do it again even after clearing all the shrines.

Dug From The Earth

Love how they keep adding to this game.

Kickstarter Donor

Nominated it for “Labor of Love” award on Steam.
I mean they already announced there would be no more actual (paid for) expansions for the game, and yet they keep adding and adding and adding free new stuff for it.