Blade & Soul walks through the new weapons and item systems of its New Empires update

Slicy slicy.

Who wants a new weapon in Blade & Soul? Come on, it’s natural. It’s not called “Absolutely Nothing And Soul,” after all. You want a blade, right? Well, the game’s New Empires update arriving on May 11th will bring with it a new tier of weaponry, Upsurge Weapons, and they’re potent enough that the only way to improve them is via mythical enchantment. (Fortunately, failing at an enchantment will not reduce the enchantment level, as a small mercy.) There’s also a new succession system so you can bring over your existing weapon into a new upgrade tier, if you’d like.

Enchantment bonuses are also available for weapons and accessories at the new tier of equipment, and both Soul and Pet Auras have new tiers of improvement. It’s a whole lot of boosting and a nice jump in power level, if you’re willing to jump through all the hoops to get them. (Or slice through the hoops, because this is a game about blades, as previously mentioned.) Check out the full rundown of these mechanics on the official preview ahead of the patch arrival on May 11th.

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