Blade & Soul’s first-ever mounts are lockbox drops

Should you spend money on this? Neigh


Mounts are arriving to Blade & Soul once the Symphony of Destruction update goes live. That would probably be enough information for most, but NCsoft has provided some additional details about the feature that players will probably still like to know about the upcoming horse pants, which might cool some of the anticipation for the feature’s arrival.

For one thing, the mounts in question will consist of two horses, both of which are attainable through Treasure Trove – aka the event involving the MMO’s version of lockboxes that will be coming back with the patch; regular players likely know that keys for these boxes can be bought either through the cash shop or with the earnable Hongmoon Coins, and one key is earned for free daily, but even then the earned item has to be bought with in-game gold. The post also remarks that individual mounts “may be available through the Hongmoon Store” at a later time.

As for the mounts themselves, they can be used by level 60 players and feature infinite windwalking, meaning players will be able to move at full speed at all times. Unfortunately, the new horses don’t have other windwalking abilities such as air dashes or wall dashes, but future mounts added later could have these functions. Finally, mounts are not permitted in certain areas or instances, though there could be exceptions to that rule.

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