Elder Scrolls Online players stuck on Stadia will be able to transfer to PC with all their stuff


Last week’s abrupt announcement that Google will be sunsetting Stadia in January took a lot of gaming studios by surprise, including MMO studios. As we’ve noted, early verbiage for The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Firesong DLC included plans for the Stadia rollout, only to be hastily scrubbed after Google’s announcement, and that’s a big deal, as Elder Scrolls Online is the most prominent MMORPG on the platform.

Fortunately, it appears that ZeniMax Online Studios has figured out a plan for how to handle all the players about to be marooned on Stadia: It’s moving you all to PC.

“We are happy to share that our Stadia players will be able to transfer their ESO accounts to PC, bringing with them all of their progress, including but not limited to existing characters, purchased items, achievements, and inventory,” ZeniMax Online Studios announced a few minutes ago. “Since Stadia players already play ESO on our PC servers, all of their friends and guilds will be waiting for them once they complete the transfer.”

More details on the transfer are promised “soon,” and there are several months between now and the closure, so no need to panic. Of course, it would’ve been ideal if Google had simply communicated better with its partner companies ahead of time so they could’ve been prepared with solutions for their customers in tandem with the announcement instead of having to scramble. Ahem.

Source: Twitter
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