The Stream Team: Horsing around in Conan Exiles

Mounts have made it into Conan Exiles, and Massively OP's absolutely has to have a horsey! She's heading into Hyboria to corral a few...

Conan Exiles has officially launched HORSIES with today’s free update and Riders of Hyboria DLC

It's mount day in Conan Exiles, folks! Look, every game needs mounts. This is known. This is a good day. It's an...

The Daily Grind: What MMO without mounts could really use ’em?

A while back on the Massively OP Podcast, Justin and I got to talking about Dungeons and Dragons Online's then-newly-announced mounts and...
An otter one bites the dust?

Ashes of Creation previews the lore and creation of its adorable otter mount

Who doesn't love an adorable otter? Maniacs, that's who. And if you get yourself an adorable otter that can also carry you on its...

MMO Cartographer: Riders of Icarus is a very tame MMORPG

I have a few vices, and one of them is a mild to moderate obsession with game pets and mounts. I am pretty sure...

Guild Wars 2: Dragon mounts in War Eternal, living world mini-event, Ritualist outfit datamining, and new short story

Guild Wars 2 is getting yet another mount: the Skyscale. As detailed by Eurogamer today, what sets this particular dragon (yes, sorry...

Dofus’s 2.48 update will implement Kolossium Leagues and overhaul pet system

Big additions are coming to Ankama's tactical-combat MMO Dofus in its upcoming 2.48 update, which will introduce Kolossium PvP Leagues and revamp...
Ride something.

The Daily Grind: How do you choose your character’s mounts in an MMO?

Sometimes, the choice of mount in an MMO is limited by functionality. If I want to cart someone around in Final Fantasy XIV,...
Whooshing noises!

World of Warcraft is selling a divine puppy for the Year of the Dog

Such dog, very mount, many lunar new year, WoW. Yes, World of Warcraft has introduced a new mount for the Year of the...

The Daily Grind: How do you pick a mount in MMOs?

In some games, like Guild Wars 2, there's more going on with mounts than just "run faster." Frequently, you'll have more important choices...

Dark and Light shows off the new tameable creatures from Blackice Peaks

If you're told that there are new creatures in Dark and Light, your goal should be capturing, taming, and riding those creatures. They...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Getting to grips with Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire mounts

ArenaNet dedicated last week to all things mounts, so it stands to reason that I'd simply have to provide you with a run-down...

Guild Wars 2 devs on how mounts bring the ‘joy of movement’ to Path of Fire

If you took part in the first Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire preview weekend, you surely got to play around with...

Earn a new mount in TERA by leveling a new character in Kritika Online

There are, presumably, more people enjoying TERA right now than enjoying Kritika Online. That's sort of to be expected; the former is...
Vivid lore also allows for more nuanced silliness.

The Daily Grind: Are you a fan of Guild Wars 2’s non-traditional mounts?

Mounts are the big new thing in Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire expansion, and as I've previously mentioned, I was initially...
ride the build train

Albion Online’s fantastic beasts and where to find them

Albion Online is riding high -- in more ways than one. The fantasy sandbox is fresh off of the release of its...

Start earning your World of Warcraft class mount next week

For those keeping track at home, World of Warcraft's Patch 7.2 came out this past March, and yet here it is June and...
In this trying time.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Hatching-tide offers you an egg mount in this trying time

There has never been a Hatching-tide event in Final Fantasy XIV that has not been at least a little weird. This year, however,...
The hills have eyes. And mouths, and hands, and punchy personalities.

Skyforge prompts players to investigate the Emerald Stream

There's a new outbreak of a heretofore unknown species of Phytonides in Skyforge, which is... not normal, but it's well within the usual...
Not the only way you get around.

Revelation Online details the many ways to travel the world

There's a bit of a problem with Revelation Online when it comes to transportation. You get wings, you see, and that begs the...