Blade & Soul delivers a solo dungeon and chocolate hearts with its Eternal Blade update on February 17

That's the blade, I guess.

The next update forĀ Blade & Soul arrives on February 17th, and it’s placing you in a difficult situation of fighting on your own. The new Spectral Shrine dungeon is a solo venture (except for the easiest difficulty, where you can get a partner to accompany you) in which you seek out the truth behind a legendary Blade Master and her recently discovered sword. Fighting through the content will earn you a new outfit, Spectral Emblems and Mentor Emblems, and evolvable accessories.

The patch will also introduce the new Valentine’s event for the game, with players tasked with hunting down chocolate hearts from challenges and Mr. Clankyshanks’ army of training dummies. These hearts can be traded for a new outfit, upgrade materials, or rewards from older versions of the event. Combine that with a new Unity ranking cap and players should have plenty to do once the update arrives early next week.

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