Conan Exiles adds Isle of Siptah improvements, sprint attacks, and offline single-player mode on PTS


There’s a new build of Conan Exiles available for players to try out on Testlive and it brings with it a whole slew of previously discussed improvements to Isle of Siptah as well as some new overall features.

Among the Isle of Siptah improvements are new NPC camps that range from major faction camps to small outposts, as well as new points of interest to entice players to explore. These new camps will feature activities like the ability to rescue caged prisoners and add them to your ranks or find information on corpses that can be sold for a hefty price. Existing features in Siptah have also gotten a revision with this new build, adding new enemies and loot to Vaults, making the Storm harmless to buildings and a home for a new faction, and adjusting the Wild Surge mechanic for the Purge.

Conan Exiles is also seeing a couple additions in the form of new sprint attacks for every weapon in the game and a new offline single-player mode for PC, giving players the option to play the game when there’s no internet connection available or continue playing if their connection drops. More information is available in the Testlive patch notes.


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It’s only important when they release the expansion on console instead of shafting a huge part of the community.


I might be willing to play this again, if the single player offline mode is also part of the base game. I haven’t played this since they added their “new social hub” launcher (or whatever it is, I don’t actually care.) One of several reasons I despise U(can’t)Play and haven’t bought anything from Ubisoft in years is the fact that it has a similar feature – treating paying customers like thieves who haven’t gotten caught yet. And booting you out of the game the instant your connection to their “I guess you didn’t steal it… yet” check-in server for any reason.