Blade & Soul offers a preview of the Soul Fighter’s upcoming Divine Hand specialization

Did you give this class a STAND?!

Why should your Soul Fighter inĀ Blade & Soul have to get close to an opponent just to kick them around? That seems to be the entire premise behind the upcoming third specialization for the class, the Way of the Divine Hand. Players who have reached level 60 and finished the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan quest will be able to pick up this specialization, and it involves projecting spectral hands of force well beyond the range of your usual punches to combine both close-range and long-range playstyles.

Of course, there are abilities beyond sending spectral hands out to smack the heck out of your opponent, but once you can do that why would you ever voluntarily use another ability? You can punch your foe from a distance with spectral hands. Still, that’s not the only ability previewed in this short rundown of the third specialization’s new tricks, so if your Soul Fighter wants a new option for play or just needs to be able to fling spectral hands aroundĀ yesterday, this should get you excited for the game’s next patch.

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