Fortnite opens a digital art exhibit collab with artist KAWS and London’s Serpentine art institution


If there’s one thing that players of Fortnite can totally appreciate, it’s an art exhibit, which is why there’s one now available in-game in the shooter’s Creative Mode. The exhibit in question comes from artist KAWS and the Serpentine public art institution located in London’s Kensington Gardens. The name of KAWS may be familiar to Fortnite fans, as he’s the artist who created a skeleton outfit during the game’s Fortnitemares Halloween event last year.

The exhibit is part of KAWS’s New Fiction global art project and is a recreation of a similar exhibit that also debuted in the real world at Serpentine North. Players can head to a unique location and take in a variety of sculptures, murals, and augmented reality artwork between now and Tuesday, January 25th. And we’re sure players will be on their best behavior.

sources: press release, official site
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