Fortnite had to disable nearly every emote in the Martin Luther King event area

You know why


Perhaps Epic Games assumed the weight and importance of its special area dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would inspire Fortnite players to muster up a little bit of reverence and good behavior, but as it turns out this wasn’t the case, as some players took the opportunity to use their selection of emotes to try and bring disrespect or toxicity to the event. So now Epic is disabling every single custom emote.

Initially the devs had disabled a selection of emotes that would be similarly disruptive such as a tomato throw emote, but others such as a Catwoman whip crack emote were being employed by players to rather obvious effect, so now visitors will only get to use the eight emotes that are available to everyone visiting the area. Reaction from players on the Twitter announcement appears to be a mix between those lauding the decision and others either referring to the move as Orwellian or claiming that people should be allowed to have “fun” in the event. Honestly, we’re not sure what Epic Games expected, but things are more controlled from here on out.

source: Twitter via Kotaku
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