Blade & Soul details its Windwalk Race event and crushes some of its bugs in a hotfix


Blade & Soul has had no end of trouble getting its Great Windwalk Race event out of the door. Readers will recall that the feature was originally slated to be part of its October update, but had to be delayed due to technical issues, moving the feature instead to be the headliner of the MMO’s November update. After a brief delay, the feature has finally gone live this week and the devs are eager to tell players all about it.

Windwalk races run three times a day on weekdays and five times a day on weekends, and can be accessed by players through a main menu option, where they’ll be teleported to the race course and have 30 minutes to enter the race. After that, it’s a matter of dashing across chains, rocks, and walls to reach the top of the mountain and claim a flag as fast as possible. Naturally, there are rewards on offer for taking part as well as extra rewards for weekly top scores and top players at the end of a racing season.

Even though the event is now live, it still had some regrettable bugs attach to it, but the devs quickly put together a hotfix and corrected the problem. All in all, it should hopefully be smooth racing from here on out.

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