Blade & Soul: Revolution adds the Blade Dancer, the Blackram Supply Chain, and a new story act

Like a circle.

Do you like the Blade Dancer in Blade & Soul but hate its relative lack of presence in a mobile version of the game? Good news, then! Blade & Soul: Revolution’s most recent update has added the Blade Dancer into the mobile version, so now you can dance with sharp things to your heart’s content while playing away on mobile. You can also now ask when the game is getting a Soul Dancer class to make a silly joke, if you want to.

It’s not just the new class for players to enjoy, though. The new update also includes the Blackram Supply Chain dungeon, complete with a trailer just below that you can watch. This goes hand-in-hand with the fifth act of the game’s ongoing story, so there’s more tales to be told even as you go up against familiar foes from the desktop version. Check out the trailer just below and get ready for more mobile antics with the new class and new additions.

Source: Official Site, press release

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