Blade and Soul’s next major update, Winds of Rage, launches May 12


There’s an angry wind blowing in Blade & Soul with its next major update, Winds of Rage. What does the angry wind bring with it? Probably a bit of cursing and the new heroic dungeon, Thornwind Cavern. Six players at a time may enter the dungeon to face off against new challenges, with the rewards allowing players to work on upgrading to the next tier of the legendary PvE Ring, Bracelet, and Earring. That’s actually a pretty generous haul for such an angry wind.

Players will also have the opportunity to start upgrading their talismans to the next level, providing more HP and defense along the way. On top of that, the game is overhauling its daily login system, with the Daily Dash slipping away to be replaced with a Daily Perks Calendar. This wind sounds oddly beneficial, actually, despite all its rage. (Make your own Smashing Pumpkins joke.)


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Why not call it The Raging Winds? “Something of Something” is used too much in MMOs that one word names are refreshing, like Shadowlands or Shadowbringers.