RuneScape provides another update on returning locked accounts, OSRS adds new tabletop games locations


Just in case you might to have forgotten, RuneScape went through some issues this past March, with a login server meltdown that caused a game rollback, delays to game updates, and an April full of efforts to return game accounts. While those efforts are largely complete, some of the more severely affected accounts are still being worked on, which leads us to Jagex’s recent progress report on that front.

Nearly every impacted account has come back to the game according to the update, noting that these certain accounts will be getting extra recompense in the form of additional free subscription time, additional Returned Packages, and one more Wish where appropriate.

Meanwhile in Old School RuneScape, the game is suffering from some minigame madness as new tabletop minigame areas were added to several popular pubs and the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange also features a competitive Castle Wars tabletop server that players can enter by choosing a side and an NPC to help new players learn any of the minigames. There’s also information about a nerfing to the Heal Group spell and adjustments to the Tempoross fishing boss fight among other things.


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