Bless Unleashed has released its Secrets and Scions update


Ready for some more story in Bless Unleashed? Here’s hoping you are because the console game’s latest update, Secrets and Scions, brings exactly that. The game’s latest patch includes story quests leading from the Ivory Dunes to Beoran with a new set of campaign quests, along with new daily prestige quests in a variety of different zones from the Gnoll Wastes to the Kannus Mountains. There’s also a new Invasion Quest in Beoran pitting players against golems, undead, and elementals.

Players will also have access to a new two-player arena with the Wraith Commander, some new world bosses in Beoran, and improvements generally made to prestige and reputation systems. There are also class ability adjustments and various issue fixes along the way. Check out the full set of changes for an idea of what’s been changed, or jump down below to watch the full trailer for the update if that’s more your speed.

Source: Official Site, press release

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So how is Bless Unleashed doing these days? Is it any good? More than the alleged cash grab?
Though about trying it on PS5 before it maybe finally comes to PC this year. But Bless Online did hurt, a lot :D

Vanquesse V

I’ve played every beta event for pc and while it probably isn’t the saviour of the genre it also doesn’t feel like a cash grab in any way. They seem to take feedback seriously and want to turn an mmo that was designed fully around a controller into a good mouse and keyboard pc mmo.
Since the tests have been short and with wipes in between all of them I haven’t gotten all that far but it seems good enough that checking it out doesn’t seem like a waste of time.