RuneScape restores its first wave of accounts and applies combat changes, OSRS talks next steps for equipment balance


After a March that the devs of Jagex and the fans of RuneScape would likely love to forget, the process of bringing back locked-out accounts is officially underway, with the very first wave of affected players being welcomed back to the world of Gielinor. As reported earlier, players will be coming back to messy bank inventories, some missing Perks or farm animals, and a bundle of cosmetic goodies and consumables. Those who are still locked out are being asked to sit tight as the devs work on restoring accounts in waves.

As part of RuneScape’s return to normal, the devs offered up a livestreamed preview of the upcoming Spring Festival event and the Pi-Mas combat changes that released with yesterday’s update. The livestream is embedded below, while the provided link has this week’s patch notes and Reddit is once again host to a TL;DW summary of the stream.

Over in Old School RuneScape, there’s a dev blog that discusses the next steps being planned for the MMORPG’s equipment rebalancing efforts. These changes are planned to arrive over the course of four different updates and will affect a variety of things including plate armor, certain melee weapons, the metas for ranged combat and PvP, and more.

sources: RuneScape official site (1, 2), YouTube, Reddit, OSRS official site

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