Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Festival returns… next week


You know what would’ve been awesome? If Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box were reopening this week, when April Fools’ Day actually is and when my kids are off cyberschool for spring break. Alas, it’s not this week – it’s next week, as ArenaNet has just announced. “This year’s Super Adventure Festival begins on April 6 and ends on April 27,” the team wrote. The tweet seems to be teasing new weapons as well, though we assume there’s no new world or they’d be shouting it from the rooftops (and we agree with the subreddit that the “whole new virtual world” is marketing-speak, not a hint).

“It’s that time of year—dust off your best jumping boots, take up your pointy stick, and get ready to experience Tyria’s most cutting-edge technological edutainment system: Moto’s Super Adventure Box! Explore a whole new virtual world in beautifully-rendered, three-dimensional graphics. Go on an epic quest to save Princess Miya. Prove your strength against wizards, assassins, and giant frogs. And if all of that sounds a little too tame for you, prepare to die (repeatedly) in the punishing Tribulation Mode!”

The Super Adventure Festival, of course, is the holiday that sprung up around the Super Adventure Box itself; we’ve previously dubbed it “inarguably the best April Fools’ event in all of MMO land,” largely because it’s far more than just a one-off prank. It was originally launched for April 1st, 2013, as a full-fledged retro 3-D platformer game-within-a-game thanks to former ArenaNet developer Josh Foreman. You can read all about it in MOP’s own Game Archaeologist retrospective.

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