Elder Scrolls Online explains the ins and outs of Blackwood’s companions


Without a doubt, the most exciting feature coming with this summer’s Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood chapter is the addition of companions — combat NPCs who journey with you. And while that sounds great and all, we’ve had a whole bunch of questions about what the system entails. That’s why it’s really great to see ZeniMax put out a clear and concise guide to Blackwood’s companions.

Players who purchase Blackwood can go through specific quest chains to unlock the two companions that come with the expansion: Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix. After this is accomplished, players can summon a companion to travel with them pretty much everywhere in the game except for full instance groups, PvP regions, solo arenas, or player housing for some reason.

ZeniMax said that players will develop relationships with these companions that can strength and weaken. Make a companion really happy, and he or she might share a new quest with you; make them grumpy, and they might storm off shortly after you summon them.

Companions can be leveled up and equipped with gear, cosmetics, and mounts, and their combat settings can be adjusted to fit a player’s preferences.


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Ashfyn Ninegold

Finally, a genuine companion system in an MMO.

Dug From The Earth

its almost like the concept was tossed out for no reason for years and years after Guild Wars 1 laid the initial concept foundation.


I loved the NPCs in GW1 you could “hire” when you couldn’t find a group. So much fun mixing and matching them until you found a combo that allowed you to finish a zone. And then when they introduced Heroes which had even more depth, I spent countless hours leveling them up, getting them gear, etc.

Then they dropped them for GW2, and no other MMOs really picked up on the concept. Real human players were always better, as they should be. But man it was great for those times you were alone, or just wanted to be alone and do your own thing.

I’m excited for ESO Companions, and I hope they do them justice. I don’t need a full “relationship” with them or anything like that, I just want them to be slightly better than a human-shaped pet.

Travis Laborde

Have you never heard of SWTOR? I mean, they really pooped the bed when the removed some of them but… Companions have been part of the game since launch.

2Ton Gamer

Was thinking the same thing, I loved having my companion’s out with me and using them to craft was pretty genius, especially when for a brief moment in time there was an app where you could send them out while you were offline.